Sunday, 8 May 2011

Scans from folder

These are from the folder I've been keeping as a record of all my research and ideas:

Firstly, here are the 9 different mouths I made, according to my animated speech research. I thought about using plasticine to mould different mouth shapes to the doll's face in a claymation style, but settled on paper as it worked well in my experiment (showed up well on camera) and, though fiddly, was not too difficult to change from frame to frame. I have to think carefully about which one to choose each time and for how long (the shape of a talking mouth relies on sounds rather than letters of the alphabet) but I was happy with the result. The timing will never be perfect, but I like the artificiality of the paper mouth and it will allow me to change the colour gradually to emulate the application of lipstick.

This is a very complicated and boring diagram showing how I planned the timing visually (in terms of speech/musical interludes) and how many seconds each spoken phrase takes, word  by word. This will be useful when thinking about speech, as I will have to dissect each syllable. I have started to do this below.

I have not formulated a traditional storyboard as, despite having a clear idea in my mind of the final outcome, I am a fan of accidental changes as these can often be original and interesting. I am open to alterations that may happen, so I'm trying not to plan carefully. All I really need is the rough one below, which makes sense to me (and probably no one else) combined with the notes above.

I'm almost ready to begin the final animation...

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