Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sequence of images

To practice putting images into a narrative sequence, we were sent to the library armed with a camera, to collect images we thought linked together in terms of theme, shape or colour.

Grace and I started by simply collecting images of as many yellow things as we could find and putting them together.

Then we moved on to books of portraits and other art books, taking images we thought were related and would tell an interesting story. We started with just one image that interested us: an old movie still of Dracula. Then we took as many related images as we could in such a short space of time and put them in order. We were aiming to tell the life story of a vampire backwards, from rebirth to death to adulthood, childhood, birth etc.
Grace and I used FinalCut to play around with the order and timing until we were happy with the sequence; here's what we came up with:

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