Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Practice film

I copied the first section of my practice animation using FinalCut to create a repetitive effect which emulates daily routine. I think it's an improvement, but a lot still needs to be done!
I want to reuse this idea of repetition/monotony so it seems like a big, dramatic shock when I break away from it.

I need to think about WHY I'm using dolls - is it just convenient or have I carefully chosen them as found objects and considered their history and connotations to add something (what?) to my animation. I can look at other artists who use them, like Hans Bellmer, Viktor & Rolf, Jake & Dinos Chapman...

I also need to play around with pace - what would the effect be if I made the whole thing much slower (like the hypnotic 'Im-perfection' animation I came across in my research) - I should consider this idea of imperfection and masking or enhancing beauty.

I can change the camera angle to give different perspectives - I often need to take a step back and evaluate what I'm doing as well. It was pointed out that this practice film was shot from above, making the doll appear more vulnerable, which was purely accidental, but needs to be considered!

I could also experiment more with repetition and attempt to incorporate human body parts alongside dolls'.

I need to think back to concepts of psychological dependance on make up and the disturbing artificiality forced upon baby beauty queens.

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