Monday, 31 January 2011

Haunch of Venison/Nicholas Provost visit

On Friday we went to the Haunch of Venison gallery to see a small exhibition of work by video artist Nicholas Provost.
I hadn't heard of Provost before I went to the gallery, so it was interesting to go in with no knowledge about his work at all.
The gallery website calls says: His work is a reflection on the grammar of cinema and the relationship between visual art and the cinematic experience.

A piece that really stood out was the disturbing 'Long Live the New Flesh' which recycles gory scenes from well-know horror films (Alien, The Shining etc) and splices them together with disorientating and psychedelic moving pixels to create something truly disturbing.

Even scenes of more favourable subject matter (kissing scenes for example in 'Gravity') were unsettling as the 'stroboscopic' frames shifted too quickly for my eyes to focus on any one character, however I liked this film as the choice of 50s romantic film footage worked well.

The last piece I saw was 'Stardust' in which Provost imbues ordinary hidden-camera film footage of everyday scenes with intense drama by adding music and dialogue, making it seem like a crime story. This was an excellent piece to show how different sounds can transform visual material and I will make use of this idea when starting the first project.

MORE (Nicholas Provost's website)

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