Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Seeing sound: In progress

Today I teamed up with Oliver and Jamie to create the basic material for our animation of an extract of the sound we chose.

Ollie suggested the sound reminded him of the ending of a favourite film of ours: The Dreamers (Bernado Bertolucci 2003)
In this scene Isabelle (Eva Green) attempts to gas the other two characters to death after their incestuous love triangle is discovered by her parents . This is irrelevant to our animation... until the scene collides with a clip from the 1963 French film Mouchette - "a tale of a young girl whose life is filled with tragedy".

We liked the idea of a girl rolling aimlessly down a hill so we borrowed it and thought, why not have her rolling up and down hills which emulate the sound waves in the screen capture we were working from. We used collage to make the hills and clouds and this was our experiment with moving the backdrop along and rolling the girl around.

Overall we were pleased with what we produced, but we ran into difficulties with the background moving too quickly and the character falling off the page. We rectified this by jumping to the start of each hill, which did not disrupt the smoothness of the motion too much, but meant the animation moves too quickly and is only about 8 seconds long.

Next week when we edit it to match the sound, we may try to double the speed so she rolls very slowly.

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